BOOK LAUNCH | Global Media Studies

By Toby Miller and Marwan M. Kraidy

Global Media Studies is unique in its coverage of places, peoples, institutions, and discourses. Toby Miller and Marwan M. Kraidy provide a comprehensive ‘how-to’ guide on the study of media, going far beyond the established English-language literature by drawing on the best methods and research from around the world. They look at political economy, global policymaking and governance, and the past and present manifestations of cultural imperialism.

In addition to providing a survey of the field, the book introduces a new form of textual analysis with a special focus on reality television, as well as models of audience research. The authors include original analyses of the US, European, Latin American, and Arab worlds, and case studies of mobile telephony, the impact of US media, and reality television.

This original and uniquely global textbook will be an essential resource for students of global media and international communication.


“This is a highly distinctive reformulation of the core concepts and objectives of media studies for the 21st century. Politically engaged, intellectually lucid, impressively wide-ranging in its sources of evidence, at times unapologetically opinionated, and always pitching for your attention, this is a breath of fresh air for the teaching of media studies. The next generation of students will be the better for it.”
Graeme Turner, University of Queensland

“Media is the new infrastructural and aesthetic condition of the world, calling for an urgent reassessment of older approaches. Global Media Studies does precisely this by offering exciting insights into this condition now unfolding before us. Expertly synthesizing debates in media and cultural theory, Miller and Kraidy bring together new perspectives from across the globe to make sense of our changing present.”
Ravi Sundaram, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies


About the Authors

Toby Miller is Professor Emeritus at University of California, Riverside

Marwan M. Kraidy is Anthony Shadid Professor of Communication and Director of the Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania

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Book Launch:
Monday 10 October 2016 | 6-9 pm
71a Gallery | 71a Leonard Street | EC2A 4QS
RSVP: Toby Miller