Blurred Borders: Exploring New Ways of Displaying Photography

Opening Night: 9th June, 6pm

Exhibition Continues: 10th – 12th June

71a Gallery, 71a Leonard St. EC2A 4QS

Blurred Borders is an artist-led initiative and exhibition founded by three MA Fashion Photography students who are studying at the University of the Arts London. The exhibition sheds light on the printed image as a physical object and explores new ways of displaying photography.

Caught in a net of digital information, borders of traditional photography have become blurred. Tactile romanticism and the splendour of the printed image are often forgotten. Using both old and new techniques, the artists explore new ways of perceiving a photograph while turning the photographic medium inside out.

The relationship between space and its photographic representation is an important factor. The makers of this exhibition break the rules of one-point perspective and illustrate the beauty of being able to touch and see the image as a physical object. They experiment with different ways of displaying conceptual, printed and material work in a physical space. Through organizing exhibitions, publications and talks, the artists investigae how they can provide meaning to image-making in contemporary society while embracing the physicality of the photographic art form.

Kovi Konowiecki

Roos van de Kieft

Otto Masters

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