Topography of Modern Life

A Photographic Exhibition at 71a Gallery

71a Leonard St, London, EC2A

Opening Night: Thursday 2nd June 2016 | 6 – 10pm

Continued: Friday 3rd – Saturday 4th June 2016 | 12 – 6pm

The topography of modern life is formed by the construction of the buildings that surround us, shape our lives and give us a sense of place and belonging. The nancial crisis has brought to sharp attention the importance of property, not just in this country but worldwide.

This diverse exhibition draws together the work of ve emerging photographers; James Berrington, Gage Solaguren, Jasper Jones, Leticia Batty and Joy Maxwell-Davis whom are all recent University of Westminster graduates.

These artists explore the temporality and meanings of place and home and the factors that shape the topography that surround us. A post-industrial town in the north of England; the nancial crisis in Spain where housing developments have stalled and been abandoned; a personal examination of a childhood home; un nished tourist industry hotels and infrastructure in Egypt; and an examination of the housing crisis through the form of the ubiquitous house brick.

All the artists are recent graduates from the University of Westminster.
Details of the artists work for the exhibition can be seen below.
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