Patrick Dakers and Hetty Douglas present work with a desperate, personal and historical edge.

A quest for meaningful love and true identity in a world that screams fuck me and fuck off can be seen at 71a Gallery, 71 Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS.
28th jan – 31st jan
PRIVATE VIEW: 28th jan 6pm- late


Supported by our friends at Converse.

Hetty Douglas makes work to represent her sexuality as a woman subverting and documenting the complexities of her own identity. The flippant and challenging textual content of this work obscure a hidden, deeply personal response to past and present intimate relationships.

Patrick Dakers’ works feature an overarching interest in androgyny and pankration, the Grecian sport of wrestling. Here the traditional masculine embrace, frequently found in Greek and Roman sculptural works, is subverted, and a more feminine perspective is explored with a post-modern interpretation of sexuality, desire and masculinity.

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