In this strange time we are living through, in which so many of us are being asked to isolate and distance ourselves the importance of having a place to call home has never been more clear. Yet for many around the world, this is a luxury that they simply aren’t granted. Some lose their homes to natural disasters, others are forced from theirs by economic hardship. Some escape theirs to find themselves, while others are trapped in them. Many more still simply do not have one.

During this period of lockdown, 71a will be running ‘Unseen Doors’ – a series of virtual photography exhibitions from our Instagram account. We’ve partnered with some of our favourite photographers from around the world to bring you works that force us to reflect on the uncomfortable truths of what home means for many people around the world.

·      Andres Millan

·      Anthony Luvera

·      Colin Pantall 

·      Claudia Agati