71a to host “BUT YOU LOOK FINE?’“ an exhibition during Mental Health Awareness week that explores the juxtaposition between our perceived reality and mental state of mind. 

The exhibition will be a collation of images and stories that convey the split emotions many of us have and choose to display. It’s very often the people who “look fine” that are struggling on the inside. The hope is to encourage discussion, acknowledge we all have our personal battles and most importantly to emphasise the need to support each other.

TCO Account Director and curator of the event Stefanie Sword Williams explains: “The idea was born out of the constant social comparison we see in society today. We’ve become so good at curating and sharing our best highlights but very often we’re experiencing different levels of mental health issues that can’t be detected digitally or physically. We need to open up the discussion and offer up to support to everyone, not just the people who are visibly suffering.”

Join us here on the 15th of May between 6.30-8.30

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