Clue: Cold,

the genesis of forensic photography

Catalogue launch // 24th March 2016, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Gallery 71a, Leonard St. EC2A, London


Clue: Cold is an exhibition of historical forensic photography created by Stefano Amoretti and Mino Tristovskij around the fortunate discovery of a box containing the whole portfolio of Luigi Tomellini, important criminologist who worked in Italy at the very beginning of the XX century. Crime scenes, evidences, weapons and defendants compose a puzzle logically impossible to solve, lost investigations, unlinked bits from the past. After three years of exhibitions around European galleries, Clue: Cold comes to an end. In collaboration with Pr. McLaughlin, author of several books and articles on the matter, we are now happy to present the definitive catalogue. The launch will be hosted by the Gallery 71a (Leonard St., Shoreditch) on the 24th March; for the occasion, we have prepared an immersive event, featuring some of the most important prints already displayed in previous editions of the exhibition plus a video installation realized ad hoc for the launch. Live music and drinks. Catalogue on sale on the night: 13£ (157pp., 87 plates)

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