Cover to Cover, an exhibition celebrating 70 issues of Little White Lies 

Cover To Cover is a magazine cover art showcase, presenting every single issue of the illustrated movie-lovers’ bible, Little White Lies.

The focus on the magazine’s iconic covers will take in everything from the classic Bill Murray portrait as seen on issue one (The Life Aquatic issue) right through to Brie Larson shooting for survival on the cover of issue 69 (The Free Fire issue).

These covers bring together a host of incredible artists, including Paul Willoughby, Jean Jullien, Boris Pelcer, Dan Mumford, Chris Delorenzo, Whooli Chen and through to Timba Smits – the departing creative director who personally created 10 covers of Little White Lies.

For mag fans, film lovers, illustrators and designers, this exhibition is the perfect chance to get up close and personal with some rare issues and also chart the creative evolution of a modern movie magazine.