Three artists in their London-debut exhibition work on the periphery of current contemporary art.

‘VERMILLIONARE’ is set to showcase a gratifying mix of exhilarating, thought- provoking works which throw fresh perspectives on themes of illusive memory and pop culture reverence. The show, with its collection of tightly rendered photorealistic pieces alongside conceptual artworks provide a visual treat for art enthusiasts of all tastes. Set in the popular 71a Gallery Shoreditch, this seminal exhibition promises to be a highlight in the art calendar for independent shows.

The artists, Ro-Han, Kayleigh Hilsdon and Daniel McNaboe all come from the same background as studio assistants to the same established British artist. From this experience they now show their talent of realist rendering in their own works, employing traditional oil painting techniques and draftsmanship to bring across clearly their ideas.


Rory Hancock otherwise known as Ro-Han was born in Swansea, South Wales in 1989. He works predominantly in the medium of oil painting, but includes sculpture and video in his large scale installations.

Ro-Han focuses much of his attention on mass media and its association with consumerist ideology, concentrating on the disconnect of important information in relation to an overconsumption of publicised celebrity. Exploring the cultural zeitgeist and recognising that he himself is also a part of it, he attempts to impartially document the seductive pastime that is entertainment and consumerism.

Ro-Han completed a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design from DeMontfort University, Leicester in 2010 before going on to work for an esteemed British artist as a photorealist painter. Since attaining his degree Ro-Han has exhibited internationally, having most recently displayed work in the prestigious Stainless Gallery, New Delhi, India.

Kayleigh Hilsdon

Solitude and laborious process are vital elements in the practice of visual artist Kayleigh Hilsdon.
Two opposing strands present themselves in quiet photorealism and bold gloss works.
Found photographs are rendered in time intensive graphite drawings, allowing a space for exploring the resonance felt with each image. They are an attempt to catch an elusive flicker of memory and sense of knowing. Her gloss and text pieces take a satirical look at art as a commodity.

Hilsdon graduated from Camberwell college of Art in 2008.

Daniel McNaboe 

Daniel McNaboe has used the period between graduation and now to develop his skill and deepen his ideas to produce an interesting body of work. Many among his generation may be rushing to gain recognition, but For Daniel, one of his attributes, is his patience to tackle big personal themes. His works are reflections on his family and friends, he draws close attention to them, perhaps asking whether they make up who he is.

His work defies the current trend towards simply expressing oneself, rather than rushing he uses time and skill to create his work. He has used the exhibition to showcase his fascination with his grandfather’s story and the American side of his family history. Choosing to render objects and photos, scraps of memories from the past, and frame them and crystallise them with his paintings and drawings.

His drawings depicting faded and familiar family scenes are the most engaging. He invites us to ponder the importance of family history and how this can be re-interpreted by a new generation.

Opening Night: Oct 6th 18:00 – 21:00 |  Exhibition continues until Oct 9th

VERMILLIONARE is sponsored by Braunton Brewery, makers of fine craft ales of North Devon. Ready for opening night and presenting their fantastic pale ales, bitter and IPA.