QUICK RESPONSE, an exhibition by Theo Christelis and Michael Opie O’Grady

London based designers Michael Opie O’Grady and Theo Christelis are launching their first show, QUICK RESPONSE.

Michael Opie O’Grady has a background in graphic design and print, and currently works as an artist assistant at the Julian Opie studios.

Theo Christelis, a trained biologist, assists in photographing fine art for clients including Antony Gormley, Gary Hume, and the Royal Academy of Arts.

The exhibition ‘QUICK RESPONSE’ is inspired by Michael and Theo’s mutual interest in the impact of digital culture on contemporary design.

Mirroring the functional aesthetic of machine readable codes used to hold raw digital information, Michael and Theo have created their own visually coded systems to experiment with randomly generated patterns.

Through this process of translating data into carefully designed compositions, they have created four different series of screen prints, with a strong focus on composition and scale.

Also on display in the exhibition is a large-scale hand painted mural exploring the diverse possibilities of composing visual codes.

The resulting collection of bold, punchy, black and white works shot through with blocks of colour.
The exhibition is accompanied by original branding and bespoke typeface designed by Alex Gross, from London based design studio Our Place.